Customized metal cosmetic container, wholesale cosmetic tin box

Cosmetic Tin Box

Tin box packaging is also one of the candidates for cosmetic packaging. Many brands of skin care products use tin box as packaging, installation protection, and the printed logo color is realistic and very high-end. We have been manufacturing tin cans since 2007 and we have rich experience. As long as you put forward your idea, we can solve your problem with 99% probability. We hope you can join...

Wholesale Empty Cosmetic Storage Tin Box
This square cosmetic storage tin box is made of tin-plated iron, which has good extensibility and air tightness, as well as pressure resistance; it can pack the contents well. The size is 180*80*13mm; the material thickness is 0.23mm. The tin box is made through material selection, printing, cutting, stamping, packaging and other processing procedures. The whole process is strictly controlled and the production is strictly controlled. The pass rate is 96%, so you can use it with confidence!