Food companies or other products want to customize tin boxes of various shapes such as square, round, heart, etc. Do they need free designs and samples?

Send your logo file, we can provide you with the tin box and your logo design, or if you give us the tin box design, we will provide you with the tin box quotation, tin can mold opening, tin can samples, and printing process Introduction. We have been working hard to manufacture the best tin can for 12 years. We have more than 2,000 abrasive tools ourselves, which can save you the cost of abrasive tools. If you don't have the model you need, our experience can also save you a lot of time and cost.

Christmas decoration spherical gift tin box
The newest Christmas spherical gift tin box for 2020 is made of food-grade tinplate with a thickness of 0.23mm. Size: 100*100mm (the height can be changed), the brand micro-label on the lid of the spherical Christmas tin box is 3D engraved, and its surface Perform four-color (CMYK) printing.