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Chocolate Tin can

We provide safe and exquisite chocolate tin box packaging for your chocolate brands, whether it is a square chocolate tin, a classic heart-shaped chocolate tin box, or other shapes of chocolate tin box, we can customize it for you. Free logo design and free samples are provided. Let us join your chocolate brand marketing work and create value together.

Wholesale tin container with lid, festive cookie tin, rectangular metal box
Rectangular Gift Tin Box - Made of high quality tinned steel, dimensions (LxWxH) 246 x 246 x 70mm, material thickness is 0.23mm thick. You can paste beautiful pictures, decorate it with ribbon or your fashion sense. NO SHARP EDGE DESIGN - These tin box containers have 4 secure rounded corners, all edges are smooth and seamless. Easy to carry in your handbag and keep clutter organized during your travels. MULTI-PURPOSE - Holds all kinds of holiday gift candies, chocolates, cookies and more.