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Chocolate Tin can

We provide safe and exquisite chocolate tin box packaging for your chocolate brands, whether it is a square chocolate tin, a classic heart-shaped chocolate tin box, or other shapes of chocolate tin box, we can customize it for you. Free logo design and free samples are provided. Let us join your chocolate brand marketing work and create value together.

Custom Round Cookie Biscuit Tin Box
Metal Type:Tinplate Use:food Place of Origin:Guangdong, China Model Number:Food TIN Box Brand Name:SZM Description:Custom Round Cookie Biscuit Tin Box Structure:seperate lid Dimensions:D166x52mm,different height Thickness:0.23mm tinplate Printing:CMYK or spot color printing
Customized cylindrical chocolate tin can
This cylindrical chocolate tin with a clip lock is made of food-grade tinplate with a thickness of 0.23mm. The height and color of the cylindrical chocolate tin can be changed. The four-color (CMYK) printing process is adopted, and the micro-mark on the lid is 3D engraved.