Nestlé, founded by Henri Nestle in 1867, is headquartered in Vevey, Lake Geneva, Switzerland. It has more than 500 factories worldwide and is the world's largest food manufacturer. The company originated in Switzerland and was originally founded to produce baby food. It is famous for producing chocolate bars and instant coffee.

Coffee can manufacturer partner-Nestle

  In the 1860s, Swiss pharmacist Henri Nestle (Henri Nestle) prepared baby food for babies who could not enjoy breast milk and invented a dairy product for parenting, which added fructose and nutrients In milk powder, it was an excellent parenting food at the time, but the output was very small. It can play a role in replacing breast milk and can save babies who cannot consume breast milk and other substitutes. , Midwives and doctors know [3]. Henri Nestle Nestlé founded the childcare milk powder company in 1867, using his name Nestle as the brand name of his product, and using the bird's nest pattern as the trademark graphic.